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Extended Services

Clock In/Clock Out Services. These are optional features that are charged by each clock in and out. There's no minimum quantity or setup fee. You normally have two per visit, clocking in when caregivers arrive at your client's home, and clocking out when they depart. Prices may vary in some locations.
per GPS
per call
Live Web Training. Get started faster! In addition to short tutorials throughout AdaCare, we'll schedule training sessions for you and your staff. Contact us to set up training at your convenience. Free
Pre-Load Clients and Staff. We offer a one-time data import service to transfer your existing clients and staff into AdaCare's database. A great time-saver for getting started with AdaCare! Free
Business Associate Agreement. At your request, we'll provide our standard Business Associate Agreement to customers that are "Covered Entities" under HIPAA regulations. Free