Staff Web Portal for Caregivers

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More and more caregivers have a PC at home, and now they can use AdaCare, too! Our Web Portal lets your caregivers and other staff sign in to view their schedules, calendars, maps, and more. Help your caregivers and reduce the workload for your busy office staff. It’s a great time-saver for all.

Your information is still protected, because caregivers see only their own schedules, and they can’t make changes. You decide who can log in, and everyone has their own password.

Daily Schedules

Caregivers can quickly view a list of visits for the day, including addresses and contact information for each client. You can even pop up a map of the client's home.

Plus, AdaCare prints route maps with turn-by-turn driving guides for the day. You always have great directions on hand. Never get lost again!


Monthly Calendars

Our compact month-at-a-glance calendars are an easy way for caregivers to see their schedules for the coming weeks.

Caregivers can print calendars for their clients, too. Leave these handouts in the homes so clients and families always know your schedule. It’s a great way to prevent client no-shows!

Weekly Itineraries

Likewise, your caregivers can print an itinerary for a week at a time, with all of the address and contact information they need.


Certifications and Licenses

Many states require certifications and licenses to be renewed each year. Your caregivers can review their licenses to know what’s expiring soon, so they (and your business) always stay in compliance with regulations.

Access from PC or Mobile

Your caregivers can get to their schedules, clients, and maps from any PC or Macintosh, or they can use a smartphone no matter where they are. Our mobile software gives caregivers the most important features in the palm of their hand.